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How do you use Open Food Network?

Open Food Network (OFN), is a global open-source project that enables communities to set up their own local food networks. The Open Food Network provides a platform for food producers, distributors, and consumers to connect and facilitate the distribution of local and sustainable food.

The idea is that all customers can see all producers in India in one place. You can sell products on our platform by simply creating your profile so interested customers can find you on the network.

The Open Food Network is designed to support local food systems by making it easier for farmers and producers to sell their products directly to consumers and local businesses. It also aims to increase transparency in the food supply chain and promote fair and sustainable food practices.

How to register your Enterprise on the OFN?



How to register Profile

The ‘Profile’ is the most basic enterprise classification on OFN and is ideal for micro enterprises or individuals who prefer to concentrate on growing, making, baking and/or producing food.

How to register Shop

Shops can take many forms but in essence, your enterprise is best classified as a ‘Shop’ on OFN if you wish to sell only produce that you make.

How to register Hub

Hubs can take many forms but, in essence, your enterprise is best classified as a ‘Hub’ on OFN if you wish to sell produce made by others. You can retail your own products alongside those of other farmers, bakers, growers… (a ‘Producer Hub‘) or act solely as a distributor to sell a collection of groceries made by (local) enterprises (a ‘Non-Producer Hub‘).

How to add a products?

Only enterprises marked as Producers can add products to OFN. Non-Producer Hubs only need to select this option if they retail mixed boxes which they pack and contain items from multiple producers. 

How to make a order cycle

How to make shipping method

How to make paying method

How to enable/disable shipping and paying method

How to change pictures

How to add Enterprise fees

How to make Enterprise permisions

There are 4 different types of Enterprise permissions. They can combine in different ways to give companies more or less rights according to their profiles.

How to make Tag rule

User Guide

Most of your questions can be answered in our User Guide – check it out for comprehensive how-tos, tips and tricks.

If You want to learn more about what Open Food Network in ? Check our global website!

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