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A locally-led, global network of people and organisations working together to build a new food system. Community supported agriculture.


What we do

The Open Food Network is a global network of people and organisations working together to build a new food system, new online platform for farmers to sell their produces. Together, we develop open and shared resources, knowledge and software to support a better food system.

We believe that it is possible to create a farmers marketplace with social and ecological health at its core and work closely with stakeholders around the world to make it happen.

Our software platform makes it easy for anyone to set up and manage an online platform for selling agricultural products. This software platform is now used by more than 7000 producers in over 20 countries around the world.

Open Food Network also works to empower enterprises in the community supported agriculture. This includes research, developing resources for community food enterprises and a global software commons that makes it easy for other organisations to replicate the work that we have done.

We believe a sustainable and resilient food system needs to reconnect producers and consumers.  We aim to empower people and communities and give them the tools and knowledge to develop the food systems they need for their community.

Our flagship project is an open source software platform that makes it easy to create innovative, independent, community food enterprises, community shared agriculture. The software can be used by farmers setting up their own online stores, but it’s designed to help farmers collaborate and sell farm products online, to create thriving, viable enterprises. People have used the power of this feature to create food collectives, manage food hubs, to make online marketplace for farmers with pre-purchases to give stallholders more secure sales, and more.

The Open Food Network community has decades of experience in running innovative food enterprises with social and ecological aims. We know that good food can transform our planet and our society. We also know that making values-driven food enterprise work takes commitment, perseverance, partnerships and support. The Open Food Network community want to help you to make values-driven food enterprises thrive! And we invite you to join us in creating this community of change.

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